Babar exhibits a courageous show to clinch Snooker title


ISLAMABAD: Babar Masih clinched the Jubilee Insurance Second Ranking Snooker Championship after defeating Asjad Iqbal by 6-5 in the final that took place at a hotel in Karachi on Saturday.

Asjad was at a strong position as he was leading by 4-2 in the best of 11 frames final, but, Babar didn’t throw the game away the game and kept trying, at the end of the day he stood as victorious.

Asjad outclassed Babar in the first frame of the final by 66-8, but, Babar made a comeback in the next frame by claiming it with a score of 58-49.

Asjad then won the two consecutive frames by 67-20 and 71-39. Babar composed himself and put up an impressive show in the fifth frame to win it by 57-56.

In the sixth frame, Babar was humiliated by Asjad as he won it by 123-0, it must have been heart sinking moment for Babar, but, he didn’t give up.

Babar brought his A game in the next frames as he won seventh frame by 80-45, eighth frame by 64-57, tenth frame by 79-49 and the eleventh frame by 68-13 to win the ultimate prize.

He was rewarded with a winner’s trophy and Rs. 70,000 cash, whereas, Asjad received a runners up trophy and Rs. 40,000 cash.