Big time Boxing is coming to Pakistan

Big time Boxing is coming to Pakistan

2018 will see the start of something special coming to Pakistan. British Pakistani star Amir Khan is set to launch his ‘Super Boxing League’ which will bring big-time boxing to Pakistan.

The concept is a team-based tournament, something the British boxer has dwelled into in India with his successful MMA tournament ‘Super Fight League’.

The tournament is simple. There are 7 teams, which are as follows: Multan Thunders, Quetta Stars, Lahore Giants, Karachi Devils, Peshawar Warriors, Islamabad Kings and Faisalabad Falcons.

Each team has 6 fighters. 5 male fighters and 1 female fighter will constitute a team. In the unfortunate case of an injury, there are also 6 back up boxers available, adding a sense of security to the tournament.

The successful team at the end of the one-month tournament will be the one with most points. The points system is as follows:

Knockout – 6 points

TKO stoppage (referee intervenes) – 4 points

Points decision – 3 points

Draw – each team receives 1 point

The points system entices for exciting boxing, as teams will be looking for knockouts, as these rewards the maximum points, making for electrifying entertainment.

Pakistan has not seen high profile boxing staged in the country. With the recent success of the Pakistan Super League cricket tournament, the sporting entertainment industry in Pakistan is at an all-time high, making it a perfect opportunity to stage the boxing tournament.

Cricket fans are passionate about their respective PSL teams, and I suspect the same will happen in the ‘Super Boxing League’.