Bookies mostly come from India, says Saeed Ajmal

Saeed Ajmal

The spin wizard, Saeed Ajmal, said that most bookies come from India, while there is a large network in Bangladesh as well.

Speaking to ARY News, Ajmal said that players especially youngsters should have a clear conscience and should be wary of such offers to lead them astray.

“These bookies mostly come from India where they have their headquarters. They also have a large network in Bangladesh.”

“If the players have a clear conscience then no one can allure them towards match-fixing,” he said.

He cautioned that players will continue to be approached and receive offers from bookies, particularly younger ones as they are not much aware of these issues.

He said Sarfaraz Ahmed has played his role and maintained the respect and dignity of this nation. He urged all players, in case they receive any offer, should immediately inform the cricket authorities.

Earlier, it has been reported that a Pakistani player had been approached by bookies with a spot-fixing offer which was immediately turned down and reported to cricket authorities.

This was confirmed by Pakistan Cricket Board Najam Sethi who refused to share further information. The matter was reported to the anti-corruption unit and is being investigated by the International Cricket Council.