Coach-less cueists aim glory in IBSF World Championship

Coach-less cueists’ team aims glory in IBSF World Championship

KARACHI: Pakistan’s cueists Mohammad Asif, Babar Masih and Mohammad Bilal are aiming to claim the most prestigious prize in the field as they are flying to Doha, Qatar to take part in the IBSF World Championship.

There will be 129 cueists competing in the tournament and they will be divided into 26 groups. The event will commence from November 19 where India’s seasoned campaigner Pankaj Advani will defend his title that he won in Egypt last year.

Mohammad Asif is Pakistan’s biggest hope for glory in the campaign, he won the tournament back in 2012.

He talked to Express Tribune and told, “All three of us are in good form and we are going with the target of winning the trophy.”

“The challenge is going to be tough but we have the potential to topple the difficult opponents, the 34-year old added.

The team has trained without a coach, “We trained for the event on a self-help basis and pretty much coached each other,” Asif further told. “The presence of a coach makes a lot of difference, especially during a match in pressure situations when you need guidance.”

But, Asif still has high morale and he believes that they are ready for the tournament, “All of us are well prepared and the absence of coach would be no excuse for failure.”