Cook opens up about Cena being more popular than him in UK

Cook opens up about Cena being more popular than him in UK

Kids are more familiar with John Cena and other WWE superstars than the former England’s captain Alastair Cook, a research conducted by England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) in 2016 revealed.

ESPNCricinfo took Alastair Cook’s comments on the research, where he told that one of his friends shared the news with him and asked him not to worry.

“One of my best mates shared it with me and asked me not to get worry as he is a legend,” Cook told ESPNCricinfo.

Cook believes that young boys watching wrestling get them into imagination as they see strong man fighting, they do not think about the reality of the event.

“Watching wrestling as a young really gets your imagination seeing people fighting, without trying to figure out whether it is real or not real,” he added.

However, the highest run getter for England in Test cricket, is concerned that it shows the popularity of the game in country and the board needs to promote the sport.

“I think it is a kind of realization of probably where cricket is in this country stands and there is a lot to be done at participation level and other levels,” he further said.

“We cannot take this game for granted and we need to keep working hard, we need to make sure that it is looked after for the next generation,” he concluded.

As per the research, more kids these days can recognise a WWE wrestler than the England captain.