Foolproof security arrangements finalize for the final of PSL 3

Foolproof security arrangements finalize for the final of PSL 3

KARACHI- Rangers, Sindh Police, and related government agencies have finalized a combine security action plan for the final match of Pakistan Super League which is going to be held on 25th of March in Karachi.

Sindh Police and Rangers will reveal the security plan on 19th March in a press brief, prepared for the final. This briefing has been scheduled after discussion and approval from the Sindh government.

All the security plans and actions will be revealed to the media and public in this briefing.

According to sources, a specific area has been labeled red zone and will witness heavy security. All the roads near to the National Stadium will be blocked on the day and markets and offices near the stadium will remain closed.

The temporary traffic routes and guidance shall be revealed to the public via print and electronic media.

A number of 8000 security officials have been stationed to provide security for the PSL final. Officers from Sindh police will also be present to look after the security protocols.

Rangers, Sindh police, and SSU commandos will be positioned both inside and outside of the stadium. 3 to 4 security checks have been installed from the car park to the entrance gate of the stadium.

According to the sources, a shuttle service will be operating around the stadium on the day of final and parking will be arranged at the distance of 1 km from the stadium.

Visitors will be checked at the entrance of the stadium through metal detectors. No suspicious items will be allowed to be taken inside the enclosures.

A number of temporary parking lots will be installed at the surrounding of the stadium, only the tickets holders will be allowed to park their vehicles near the stadium. The parking will be allotted according to the color code of the stickers.

The security plan will also notify a specific time scheduled for entering in the stadium.