IPL has lost interest in Pakistan for good!


The illustrious Indian Premier League will begin on the 9th of April with cricket stars from all over the globe taking part in this multi million dollar league. Although the IPL has attracted significant amount of popularity from all corners of the cricketing fraternity but we can not say the same for the people in Pakistan for sure.

The hoodoo surrounding this big adventure slowly faded away with time and the league which was once hailed as the next big thing in India was found wanting on occasions when serious allegations were levied on it. Pakistani nation, in general, were caught in it’s frenzy when the league first came in sight but the strained relationship between the two countries and the emergence of Pakistan Super League has consequently meant that they are no longer IPL fanatics.

Lets look at few reasons why IPL has lost it’s value in Pakistan and all over the globe.

Pakistan Cricketers Barred

This is perhaps the reason which is off paramount importance for people of Pakistan as their stars are not being picked up in this league except for the first season. The 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks meant that Pakistan players were sidelined from the league and teams were asked to terminate contract with Pakistan players. Although it should be kept in mind that Pakistan cricketers fared exceedingly well during the inaugural season and, for instance, Sohail Tanvir was the highest wicket taker of the tournament.



Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

The Indian Premier League was under scrutiny from the past few years because of various different allegations but after recommendations from the Lodha Panel the Indian Supreme Court suspended the top two franchises in the shape of Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals for a period of two years on the basis of being found guilty of illegal betting and match fixing probe. Prominent members of the league and co owners of both the teams Kundra and Meiyappan were also banned from cricketing activities for life. This was significant blow the league’s reputation and it’s ‘All Is Well’ image was tarnished.


Money Is Not Everything

The private ownership of teams, cheerleaders, players auction, star studded players, media power and Bollywood celebrities are all associated with this league and to rope in all such things you need a lot of money and this is precisely the reason why most of the time it’s all the lucrative opportunities attached with the league rather than the quality of cricket. For example the Rather than describing the action the commentators are more concerned about whether it was ‘DLF maximum’ or a ‘Karbonn kamaal catch’. With the allegations of a small group of people knowing the results of match before it has even happened was a source of concern for the cricketing fraternity and it is now more like a form of entertainment rather than proper cricket.


Way too many matches

’60 matches in 51 days’, that’s way too much to digest in a short span of time and for people who witness cricket throughout the year this league is asking for too much. Just after we get over one enthralling match the other win is just around the corner. Although the league follows a mode similar to that of English Premier League but it must be kept in mind that the matches take place at convenient times during the weekends so it is easier to track and stay in touch but unfortunately this is not the case with IPL. Such as scenario has meant that you do tend to loose interest after a certain time and this, according to some research, is the case with people in Pakistan.


PSL- Our Very Own League

Perhaps one of the topmost reason behind Pakistan’s lack of interest in this league is because of the successful launch of their own T20 league in the form of Pakistan Super League. The local nation was craving for a league of their own and when the dream materialized it was source of great happiness for the entire nation and this gradually decreased the appeal of Indian Premier League.


As the ninth edition of the Indian Premier League kick starts in a couple of days the cricketing world will be in for another stellar entertainment package but it’s about time we make the call about whether we need this shape of IPL to continue or is it time for a total revamp!