Junaid Khan denies Umar Akmal’s comment about him

Junaid Khan denies Umar Akmal’s comment about him

Umar Akmal got into another controversy when he told at the toss for the game between Punjab and Sindh of Pakistan Cup that Junaid Khan has denied to come in the ground with the team.

The youngest of Akmals is leading Punjab team in the domestic ODI tournament, he told at the toss that his left-arm pacer Junaid Khan is nowhere to be found.

“I was shocked to see Junaid Khan not in the ground, when I asked coach and the manager, they told me that he has refused to come to ground today, it is very shocking for me,” he said at the toss.

However, soon after the game started, Junaid Khan released a video message on Twitter that he cannot understand why Umar Akmal stated this as he is having poisoning so he is benched for the game with doctor’s advice.

“I am disappointed the way Umar Akmal stated on TV that I have left the team,” he said in the video message. “I have not left the team, I am having food poisoning, the team management as well Umar Akmal himself knows it.”

He further told that Dr. Asad, who is with the team, knows about it and he was with him at night to look after him.

“Dr. Asad knows it, in fact he was with me at night to take care of me, he visited me again in the morning and advised me to take rest because of fever and food poisoning, so it is better that you take rest at hotel” he added.