“Leaking this confidential report is a huge crime and he (who leaked) should be punished”, says Waqar


Waqar Younis looked displeased in Waseem Badami’s show 11th Hour on ARY News with the proceedings going on at the moment, first of all he took those who blame him for ruining cricket in Pakistan and explain a long list of his achievements and shared his career numbers for them. He said “Those who thinks I have ruin Pakistan’s cricket should look at these achievements first.”

He said “I have been appointed as Pakistan’s head coach for the third time, it means I don’t have such managerial issues as well, otherwise I wouldn’t have given this job.”

“Those people who are calling me a black sheep or accusing me for politicizing things should be ashamed, I have given my 25 years to this country, they should check their own credibility before calling me anything such”.

Waqar accepted the fact that he had some conflicts with the players in the past, but, he calmly said that conflicts take place, but, you forget them and move on, you don’t stick to them at this stage of your career.

Once again the former Pakistani skipper, Waqar Younis talked on leaking his report and said “The confidentiality of such documents should be respected, it can damage youngsters’ careers about whom I have written and must have shattered their confidence, I am not damaged by it a bit. Leaking this confidential report is a huge crime and he should be punished”

He also said that these kinds of reports are leaked intentionally to start the blame game in the board, which never comes to any conclusion.

During the exclusive interview, Waqar Younis also revealed that Najam Sethi doesn’t pick his calls, he hasn’t contacted me in the past one and a half year. According to Waqar, he hasn’t talked to Sethi since World Cup 2015.

Waqar Younis was furious that he isn’t listened by the management, “I am probably the highest paid employee in the PCB with $15000, if they don’t want to hear me then why don’t they fire me?” There are no professionals in the board except two people, how can one suppose that people who haven’t played cricket ever can resolve the issues.”

The former fast bowler pointed out that Pakistan hasn’t only lost World T20 and Asia Cup, they have been losing for the past 9 months and this is the time where the administration should sit and think that where Pakistan cricket has reached.

Cosmetic surgeries won’t help Pakistan grow, said Waqar, problems are lying much deeper. The head coach claimed, “If you just change faces, it won’t help, the problem is with the institution, if things don’t change now, there will be another coach crying at this place after 2 years.”

The one half of the “Two W’s” also dragged PSL in the conversation that the board has spent a ridiculous amount of money in the cricketing league and no one should take any credit away from the organizers. But, it won’t Pakistan international cricket to stabilize.

He said, “PSL is good and the organizers should be given all the credit, but, it won’t help Pakistan international cricket to improve, instead, injecting money in the domestic and the grass root level will do the help it”.

Waqar Younis presented his services for the domestic cricket and said that he is ready to work at the grass root level. He took out his frustrations on the fellow legends as well saying, “Those who are sitting on different channels and criticizing our domestic structures should step in and put their efforts in there to help improve the Pakistan cricket”.

Pakistan has many academies that are not functioning properly that are the kinds of problem PCB is ignoring.

On asking about his meeting with the sports minister, Waqar said he would approach anyone whom he can to get his recommendations implemented. He said that the problem is that everyone talks about the problems, but, no one talks about the recommendations he suggest, it’s a dilemma that is hurting Pakistan cricket.

Waqar Younis concluded his conversation saying, “We need to dig deeper now, Pakistan needs a director who can direct things in the board, someone honest who can scrutinize actions of the head coach, selection committee and the management.”

He further said, “Pakistan cricket needs a committee of 8 to 10 cricketers that can analyze performances, strategies and other on-field and off-field actions”.

Waqar Younis is still waiting for any officials words on his report, the inquiry committee has submitted their report to the PCB Chairman, Shahryar Khan after analyzing reports from the head coach and the manager, Intikhab Alam.

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