LIVE: Peshawar Zalmi win the rain affected game to qualify for the final


Karachi Kings inning

Over 16 – Karachi Kings 157/2 (Denly 79*, Ingram 5*)

(15.6) FOUR! Slower at off, Ingram slapped it to wide of mid-off for a boundary.

Wahab Riaz bowls the last over

Over 15 – Karachi Kings 144/2 (Denly 72*, Ingram 0*)

(14.6) FOUR! On the pads of Denly, he tickled it past Darren Sammy at short fine leg.

(14.5) FOUR! Joe Denly struck it straight beating the mid-off fielder.

(14.4) SIX! Fuller and faster from Hasan Ali, Joe Denly lofted down the ground.

(14.3) OUT! Shorter of a length from Hasan Ali and slower at pacer, Babar pulled it to deep mid wicket but could not get enough power behind it, an easy catch for Liam Dawson. He scored 63 off 45 balls.

Hasan Ali bowls the penultimate over

Over 14 – Karachi Kings 128/1 (Denly 57*, Babar 62*)

(13.4) FOUR! A length delivery from Jordan is smashed through the off side by Babar Azam.

Chris Jordan bowls

Over 13 – Karachi Kings 121/1 (Denly 56*, Babar 56*)

(12.6) FOUR! Full at off stump, Denly made room and struck powerfully at extra cover for another boundary.

(12.2) FOUR! Low full-toss at the middle stump from Hasan Ali, Babar Azam caressed it through cover for a boundary.

Hasan Ali bowls

Over 12 – Karachi Kings 110/1 (Denly 51*, Babar 50*)

(11.6) SIX! Fuller delivery from Umaid Asif is deposited over straight boundary for precious six runs and he brought up his half-century with it as well.

Umaid Asif bowls

Over 11 – Karachi Kings 99/1 (Denly 43*, Babar 47*)

(10.4) FOUR! A full and fast delivery is muscled by Joe Denly down the ground for another boundary.

(10.3) FOUR! A pacy delivery outside off from Wahab got the outside edge of Denly that raced away for a boundary beating the third man fielder.

(10.1) SIX! Full and fast from Wahab Riaz, Babar Azam just lofted it down the ground for a glorious hit.

Wahab Riaz bowls

Over 10 – Karachi Kings 82/1 (Denly 34*, Babar 39*)

Umaid Asif continues

Over 9 – Karachi Kings 77/1 (Denly 33*, Babar 37*)

Chris Jordan bowls

Over 8 – Karachi Kings 69/1 (Denly 30*, Babar 32*)

(7.5) FOUR! A length ball at the right line outside off stump, Babar Azam edged it to third man for another boundary.

(7.2) FOUR! A length delivery from Umaid at the middle stump is guided to fine third man for a boundary.

Umaid Asif comes on to bowl for the first time tonight

Over 7 – Karachi Kings 57/1 (Denly 29*, Babar 21*)

(6.1) FOUR! Babar used the fierce pace of Wahab Riaz to his advantage as he guided a short of a length delivery at off stump for a boundary to the third man.

Wahab Riaz is brought into the attack by Darren Sammy

Over 6 – Karachi Kings 51/1 (Denly 28*, Babar 16*)

(5.6) SIX! A length delivery at middle and leg stump from Sameen is lofted over mid-wicket by Joe Denly for a six.

(5.3) FOUR! It is a four off bye, Denly was looking to make room, Sameen followed him and he deceived the batsman as well as the keeper.

Sameen Gul continues

Over 5 – Karachi Kings 37/1 (Denly 21*, Babar 14*)

(4.5) FOUR! Slower outside off on a fuller length, Babar cut it away for another boundary.

(4.4) SIX! Jordan slipped down to Babar Azam’s pads, he flicked it for massive six over fine leg.

Chris Jordan comes on to bowl

Over 4 – Karachi Kings 25/1 (Denly 20*, Babar 3*)

(3.3) SIX! Joe Denly made room by moving to leg stump, a middle stump delivery is deposited over cover boundary for the first six of the inning.

Sameen Gul continues

Over 3 – Karachi Kings 17/1 (Denly 14*, Babar 2*)

Hasan Ali bowls his second over

Over 2 – Karachi Kings 16/1 (Denly 14*, Babar 1*)

(1.2) OUT! At the off stump, Mukhtar looked to go down the ground but edged it to Sammy to dived to his right to take a sharp catch. He scored 1 run off 3 balls.

Sameen Gul bowls from the other end

Over 1 – Karachi Kings 13/0 (Mukhtar 1*, Denly 12*)

(0.5) FOUR! Brilliant timing from Denly, he flicked it to wide mid-wicket for the third four of the over.

(0.3) FOUR! A good delivery from Hasan Ali, Denly looked to push it to off side but got an outside edge that flew it over the slip cordon.

(0.2) FOUR! Joe Denly used the pace of Hasan Ali, a ball just at off stump was guided wide of Darren Sammy at the first slip.

Mukhtar Ahmed and Joe Denly are the openers for Karachi Kings, Hasan Ali is the attacker for Peshawar Zalmi

Peshawar Zalmi inning

Over 16 – Peshawar Zalmi 170/7 (Jordan 0, Hasan 0*)

Chris Jordan is the new batsman.

(15.5) OUT! Slower and shorter from Mills, Wahab Riaz slammed it straight to Joe Denly at wide of long-on. He scored a duck.

(15.4) OUT! Saad Nasim missed the slower one from Mills that went straight in Rizwan’s gloves, Wahab Riaz looked to steal a single, but there was no chemistry, Rizwan threw it to Mills who easily ran out Saad. He scored 2 runs off 5 balls.

(15.3) OUT! Slower, shorter and wider from Mills, Sammy looked to pull it from there to mid-wicket, but could not time it well, Joe Denly took another catch. He scored 23 runs off 12 balls.

(15.2) FOUR! A good delivery targeting the stump, Sammy managed an inside edge that ran away for a boundary at third man.

(15.1) SIX! Full and middle stump, Sammy got underneath it and struck it over wide of long-on for a six.

Tymal Mills bowls the last over

Over 15 – Peshawar Zalmi 159/4 (Sammy 13*, Saad 2*)

Mohammad Amir bowls his last over

Over 14 – Peshawar Zalmi 153/4 (Sammy 9*, Saad 1*)

Saad Nasim is the new batsman

(13.4) OUT! At the legs of Liam Dawson, he looked to target the mid-wicket region, he could not get the elevation and found Colin Ingram policing the boundary who took a good low catch. He scored 13 off 13.

(13.1) SIX! Full on the legs of Darren Sammy, he dug it out from there to hit a flat six over mid-wicket.

Usman Shinwari comes on to bowl

Over 13 – Peshawar Zalmi 141/3 (Dawson 13*, Sammy 2*)

Mohammad Amir bowls

Over 12 – Peshawar Zalmi 130/3 (Dawson 11*, Sammy 0*)

(11.6) OUT! Brilliant change of pace and a brilliant return catch from Ravi Bopara dismissed Hafeez. He scored 13 runs off 8 deliveries.

(11.2) FOUR! Shorter of a length and slower in pace outside off stump, Hafeez opened his blade to find a gap through point and short third-man.

Ravi Bopara continues

Over 11 – Peshawar Zalmi 130/2 (Dawson 9*, Hafeez 8*)

(10.4) SIX! Hafeez danced down the wicket to reach the pitch of the ball and lofted it over cover for a boundary.

Usama Mir comes back to bowl

Over 10 – Peshawar Zalmi 120/2 (Dawson 7*, Hafeez 0*)

(9.6) OUT! Slower, short and wide from Bopara, Akmal looked for a straight it but skied the ball, Mukhtar Ahmed took a good catch. He scored 77 runs off 27 balls.

(9.5) SIX! Shorter of a length at off stump, Akmal cleared his front leg and deposited it over mid-wicket for another six.

(9.2) SIX! Short from Bopara, Dawson was facing his first delivery and he just powered it for a flat six to square leg.

Liam Dawson is the new man in.

(9.1) OUT! Andre Fletcher looked to get a six over long-on, he could not middle the ball properly and Joe Denly took a well-judged catch just inside the boundary. He scored 34 off 30 deliveries.

Ravi Bopara comes on to bowl

Over 9 – Peshawar Zalmi 107/0 (Kamran 71*, Fletcher 34*)

(8.2) SIX! Full from Danish Aziz, Akmal played a slog sweep to a great effect for another half-a-dozen over mid-wicket.

(8.1) SIX! Short of a length, Akmal lofted it over mid-wicket for a massive one.

Danish Aziz is in the attack for the first time

Over 8 – Peshawar Zalmi 91/0 (Kamran 57*, Fletcher 32*)

Tymal Mills bowls

Over 7 – Peshawar Zalmi 88/0 (Kamran 55*, Fletcher 31*)

(6.5) SIX! Full toss at a very friendly height, Akmal got on one knee and deposited it over fine leg for another six. Akmal brought fastest fifty of PSL in just 17 deliveries.

(6.4) SIX! Kamran Akmal danced down the wicket reached the pitch and lofted it over long-off for a six.

(6.1) FOUR! Short-ish and a bit wide, Akmal played a beautifully cut shot through point for another four.

Usama Mir comes into the attack

Over 6 – Peshawar Zalmi 69/0 (Kamran 37*, Fletcher 30*)

(5.6) SIX! A huge hit from Fletcher, a massive six down the ground.

(5.5) FOUR! Full pitched delivery from Fletcher, he played it powerfully to long off but straight to Mohammad Amir, but he fumbled it for a four.

(5.2) FOUR! Not a bad delivery from Ravi Bopara, Andre Fletcher danced down the wicket and muscled it down the ground for a boundary.

Ravi Bopara comes into the attack

Over 5 – Peshawar Zalmi 54/0 (Kamran 36*, Fletcher 16*)

(4.5) SIX! Short from Shinwari, Akmal muscled it to square leg for the fifth boundary of the over. Superb hitting from Kamran Akmal.

(4.4) FOUR! Shorter of a length from Shinwari again, Akmal pulled it to mid-wicket for the fourth boundary of the over.

(4.3) FOUR! Slower at the leg stump, Akmal swept it fine for a boundary behind the stumps.

(4.2) FOUR! Full at the middle stump, Akmal managed a boundary at wide fine-leg.

(4.1) SIX! A length ball from Shinwari was hammered by Kamran Akmal over mid-wicket across the line.

Usman Shinwari bowls

Over 4 – Peshawar Zalmi 29/0 (Kamran 11*, Fletcher 16*)

(3.6) FOUR! Shorter of a length from Mills at a slower pace, Fletcher pulled it powerfully for a boundary at wide mid-wicket.

(3.2) SIX! Short from Mills, Fletcher came down the wicket and was looking to target the leg side boundary but a top edge earned him a six over third man.

Tymal Mills comes into the attack

Over 3 – Peshawar Zalmi 19/0 (Kamran 11*, Fletcher 6*)

Mohammad Amir bowls his second over.

Over 2 – Peshawar Zalmi 15/0 (Kamran 11*, Fletcher 3*)

(1.6) SIX! Full at the middle stump, Akmal cleared his front leg and smashed it down the ground for a maximum.

(1.3) FOUR! Shorter in length from Shinwari, Akmal looked to pull it but managed an under edge, the ball raced to the boundary behind the wickets.

Usman Shinwari comes on to bowl

Over 1 – Peshawar Zalmi 2/0 (Kamran 0*, Fletcher 1*)

Kamran Akmal and Andre Fletcher are here to open the inning for Peshawar Zalmi, Mohammad Amir the captain of Karachi Kings has got the new ball in his hand.

One bowler can bowl four overs, whereas, four bowlers can bowl three overs each. The powerplay will be of 5 overs as the game is reduced to 16 overs-a-side.

Team line-ups

Karachi Kings: Mukhtar Ahmed, Joe Denly, Babar Azam, Colin Ingram, Ravi Bopara, Danish Aziz, Mohammad Rizwan, Usama Mir, Mohammad Amir (c), Tymal Mills, Usman Shinwari

Peshawar Zalmi: Kamran Akmal, Andre Fletcher, Mohammad Hafeez, Saad Nasim, Darren Sammy (c), Liam Dawson, Umaid Asif, Chris Jordan, Wahab Riaz, Hasan Ali, Sameen Gul


Karachi Kings won the toss and elected to bowl first.

Peshawar Zalmi registered an emphatic win in a thrilling contest against Quetta Gladiators on Tuesday by just one run. Darren Sammy, who is not fit to run, but he is giving everything he has got to play for the Zalmis and take them to PSL glory once again. On the other hand, the second-ranked Karachi Kings will have their second go for a place in PSL final after losing to the top-ranked side, Islamabad United in the qualifier by eight wickets.

They will play against Peshawar Zalmi in Gaddafi Stadium Lahore without their key players, Shahid Afridi and Imad Wasim, who both have been suffering from injuries. In absence of their star all-rounders, Mohammad Amir will wear the captaincy band. Zulfiqar Babar, Danish Aziz and Mukhtar Ahmed have joined the Kings for the remaining of the tournament.

The second eliminator of the PSL can be affected by rain. Everyone is hoping to see a complete game, but nature seems to have other plans. If the game is washed out, Karachi Kings will qualify to the final to face Islamabad United at National Stadium Karachi on March 25th.