LIVE: Kamran Akmal’s blitz earns Zalmi playoffs berth

Peshawar Zalmi Lahore Qalandars

Peshawar Zalmi inning

Over 18 – Peshawar Zalmi 176/3 (Kamran 107*, Saad 17*)

(17.6) FOUR! Full at off stump, Saad Nasim deposited it for a six over point.

(17.2) SIX! Short at off stump, Saad Nasim dragged the ball from there for a huge six over square leg.

Mitchell McClenaghan bowls

Over 17 – Peshawar Zalmi 160/3 (Kamran 106*, Saad 2*)

(16.6) fOUR! Once again short from Shaheen and the same result but this time at fine leg.

(16.5) FOUR! Short from Shaheen, Akmal pulled it in the gap at square leg for a boundary which brought up his second PSL ton.

Shaheen Afridi bowls

Over 16 – Peshawar Zalmi 148/3 (Kamran 96*, Saad 0*)

(15.5) OUT! It was fuller than Hafeez thought, not there to be cut and it also kept a bit low, clean bowled. He scored 27 off 25 deliveries.

(15.2) SIX! Akmal came down the wicket this time and launched it down the ground.

(15.1) SIX! On the leg stump from Yasir Shah, he played a slog sweep for a huge six.

Yasir Shah bowls

Over 15 – Peshawar Zalmi 135/2 (Kamran 83*, Hafeez 27*)

(14.1) SIX! Shorter length from Shaheen at off stump, Akmal pulled it from there for a six over square leg.

Shaheen Shah comes on to bowl

Over 14 – Peshawar Zalmi 128/2 (Kamran 76*, Hafeez 27*)

(13.5) FOUR! Short and wide from Abbott to Hafeez, he deliberately played it over point to earn four runs.

(13.2) SIX! Short from Abbott, Kamran Akmal just hooked it fiercely for another six.

Kyle Abbott comes on to bowl

Over 13 – Peshawar Zalmi 114/2 (Kamran 68*, Hafeez 21*)

(12.4) FOUR! Short from the Kiwi bowler, he hooked it, was not in full control but managed to find a boundary.

Mitchell McClenaghan bowls

Over 12 – Peshawar Zalmi 106/2 (Kamran 62*, Hafeez 19*)

(11.4) SIX! Got down on one knee, it was flighted and pitched on the middle stump, Akmal picked it up from there for a six that went out of the stadium.

(11.3) FOUR! It shorter from Bilal Asif, he came down the wicket and placed it straight for four, it brought up his half-century as well.

Bilal Asif continues

Over 11 – Peshawar Zalmi 82/2 (Kamran 49*, Hafeez 18*)

(10.3) FOUR! Down the wicket went Hafeez, he smashed it down the ground for another boundary.

(10.2) SIX! At the middle stump from Yasir Shah, Hafeez went for slog sweep and connected it well for a six over mid-wicket.

Yasir Shah continues

Over 10 – Peshawar Zalmi 81/2 (Kamran 49*, Hafeez 7*)

Bilal Asif into the attack for the first time in PSL 3

Over 9 – Peshawar Zalmi 76/2 (Kamran 48*, Hafeez 3*)

(8.6) FOUR! Short and quick from Shah, Akmal pulled it for a boundary to square leg.

(8.1) FOUR! Not too short neither too wide, but Kamran Akmal got in position early and cut it past point region.

Yasir Shah continues

Over 8 – Peshawar Zalmi 66/2 (Kamran 39*, Hafeez 2*)

Shaheen Shah continues

Over 7 – Peshawar Zalmi 63/2 (Kamran 37*, Hafeez 1*)

Mohammad Hafeez is the man in

(6.3) OUT! The ball pitched and went with the angle, Smith was looking for a turn but it wasn’t there. The ball kissed his pad and then hit the stumps. He scored 14 off 12 deliveries.

(6.1) FOUR! Down the leg side from Shah, Smith swept it fine for a boundary.

Yasir Shah comes into the attack

Over 6 – Peshawar Zalmi 57/1 (Kamran 36*, Smith 10*)

(5.1) FOUR! Shaheen slides on to Kamran Akmal’s pads and he just flicked it for a four.

Shaheen Afridi into the attack

Over 5 – Peshawar Zalmi 51/1 (Kamran 31*, Smith 9*)

(4.4) FOUR! Short and wide this time, Kamran Akmal got on his toes and caressed it through point.

(4.3) FOUR! The blackcaps bowler got on Smith’s pads and he just tickled it for a boundary to fine leg.

(4.2) FOUR! Full and off stump from the Kiwi bowler, Dwayne Smith just smashed it down the ground.

Mitchell McClenaghan bowls

Over 4 – Peshawar Zalmi 26/1 (Kamran 26*, Smith 1*)

(3.2) FOUR! Width offered and Kamran Akmal made the most out of it for a boundary through off side.

(3.1) FOUR! Length ball and just outside off, Kamran Akmal played a back foot drive through off side for a boundary.

Kyle Abbott continues

Over 3 – Peshawar Zalmi 28/1 (Kamran 18*, Smith 1*)

(2.4) FOUR! Full at middle stump from the Kiwi bowler, Kamran Akmal played a perfect straight drive for a boundary.

Mitchell McClenaghan comes on to bowl

Over 2 – Peshawar Zalmi 23/1 (Kamran 13*, Smith 1*)

(1.1) OUT! A length delivery was missed by Wessels and Abbott hit the bullseye.

Kyle Abbot comes on to bowl

Over 1 – Peshawar Zalmi 20/0 (Kamran 12*, Wessels 4*)

Anton Devcich opens the bowling for Lahore Qalandars, Kamran Akmal and Rissi Wessels are to open the inning for Peshawar Zalmi.

Lahore Qalandars inning

Over 20 – Lahore Qalandars 172/4 (Gulraiz 26*, Sohail 30*)

(19.6) FOUR! Full and fast, but Sohail Akhtar managed to find a gap to wide of fine-leg.

Wahab Riaz bowls the last over

Over 19 – Lahore Qalandars 163/4 (Gulraiz 25*, Sohail 22*)

(18.1) SIX! Slower and shorter, Sohail Akhtar pulled it for another maximum.

Hasan Ali bowls

Over 18 – Lahore Qalandars 153/4 (Gulraiz 23*, Sohail 14*)

(17.6) SIX! Fast bouncer from Wahab, Gulraiz Sadaf got under it and played the ramp shot for another six to the third man.

(17.3) FOUR! Outside off and fast, he played a delicate cut for a boundary to third man.

Wahab Riaz bowls

Over 17 – Lahore Qalandars 142/4 (Gulraiz 13*, Sohail 13*)

(16.5) SIX! Miles up in the air and miles long, it was at the middle stump and Sohail just picked it from there deposit it over mid-wicket.

(16.1) FOUR! Full on Sohail Akhtar’s pads, easy pickings for him.

Umaid Asif bowls

Over 16 – Lahore Qalandars 127/4 (Gulraiz 7*, Sohail 5*)

(15.6) FOUR! Sohail Akhtar stepped down the track and caressed it through cover.

Liam Dawson bowls

Over 15 – Lahore Qalandars 120/4 (Gulraiz 5*, Sohail 0*)

(14.5) OUT! Slower one from Hasan Ali did the trick again, Devcich looked for a big heave but could not middle it, he skied and Mohammad Hafeez took a well-judged catch. He scored 70 off 42 balls.

Hasan Ali bowls

Over 14 – Lahore Qalandars 117/3 (Devcich 69*, Gulraiz 3*)

Umaid Asif bowls

Over 13 – Lahore Qalandars 112/3 (Devcich 67*, Gulraiz 1*)

(12.3) SIX! Shorter from Dawson, Devcich backed away and slapped it straight over long-off.

(12.2) SIX! Dawson bowled a flighted delivery outside off, Devcich played a slog sweep for a six.

Gulraiz Sadaf is the new batsman.

Over 12 – Lahore Qalandars 95/3 (Devcich 50*, Gulraiz 0*)

(11.6) OUT! Short from Wahab, Agha looked to pull it, but he managed a top-edge, Dawson took a good catch at fine leg. He scored 28 runs off 25 balls.

Wahab Riaz bowls

Over 11 – Lahore Qalandars 91/2 (Devcich 50*, Agha 26*)

(10.2) SIX! Short and a bit wide from Sameen, Agha played it to wide of third man for a six.

Over 10 – Lahore Qalandars 80/2 (Devcich 48*, Agha 17*)

Sameen Gul bowls

Over 9 – Lahore Qalandars 77/2 (Devcich 48*, Agha 14*)

(8.3) SIX! On the middle stump from Dawson, Agha got underneath and played a slog sweep over square leg.

Liam Dawson continues

Over 8 – Lahore Qalandars 66/2 (Devcich 46*, Agha 5*)

Sameen Gul bowls

Over 7 – Lahore Qalandars 61/2 (Devcich 44*, Agha 2*)

(6.6) FOUR! Similar delivery, but he went for reverse sweep this time and managed to pierce the gap.

(6.5) SIX! Flighted one at the middle and off stump, he played a slog sweep for a six over mid-wicket.

Liam Dawson into the attack

Over 6 – Lahore Qalandars 49/2 (Devcich 33*, Agha 1*)

(5.5) SIX! Fast and on the legs of Devcich, he just flicked it for a six over fine-leg.

Wahab Riaz comes on to bowl

Over 5 – Lahore Qalandars 40/2 (Devcich 25*, Agha 0*)

(4.6) OUT! Shorter from Sameen, but it was not there to be pulled, he missed the ball and Sameen got the big one.

(4.3) SIX! Brendon McCullum danced down the wicket on a length ball and struck it straight over long-on for a huge one.

Sameen Gul bowls

Over 4 – Lahore Qalandars 30/1 (Devcich 24*, McCullum 0*)

(3.5) SIX! At the off stump from Umaid, Devcich cleared his front leg and played it across the line to deposit it over mid-wicket.

(3.1) FOUR! Poor fielding from Sameen Gul, Devcich lofted a length ball down the ground, he had the elevation but not the distance, Sameen chased it down, but when he stopped it his leg was in contact with the rope.

Umaid Asif into the attack

Over 3 – Lahore Qalandars 19/1 (Devcich 12*, McCullum 0*)

Brendon McCullum is the new batsman

(2.5) OUT! Slower one from Hasan Ali does the trick, bowled from around the stumps to Fakhar Zaman, he looked to heave it over mid-wicket but played the shot too early. it hit his off-stump. He scored 6 runs off 11 deliveries.

(2.3) FOUR! Shorter from Hasan Ali angling into Fakhar Zaman, he pulled it easily to fine leg with the fielder inside the circle.

Hasan Ali continues

Over 2 – Lahore Qalandars 15/0 (Fakhar 2*, Devcich 12*)

(1.6) SIX! Shorter from Sameen, Devcich pulled it for a gigantic one to square-leg.

Sameen Gul comes on to bowl

Over 1 – Lahore Qalandars 7/0 (Fakhar 1*, Devcich 6*)

(0.6) SIX! Full at off stump, Devcich just lofted it for a six at long-on.

Hasan Ali bowls the new ball for Peshawar Zalmi, Fakhar Zaman and Anton Devcich are the openers for Lahore Qalandars.


PESHAWAR ZALMI – PLAYING XI: Mohammad Hafeez, Kamran Akmal (wk), Dwayne Smith, Riki Wessels, Saad Nasim, Darren Sammy (c), Liam Dawson, Hasan Ali, Wahab Riaz, Sameen Gul, Umaid

LAHORE QALANDARS – PLAYING XI: Fakhar Zaman, Anton Devcich, Agha Salman, Brendon McCullum (c), Gulraiz Sadaf (wk), Sunil Narine, Sohail Akhtar, Sohail Khan, Mitchell McClenaghan, Yasir Shah, Shaheen Afridi


Darren Sammy: It’s a must-win game for us and we are ready for it. Whatever we do, we have to do well. We have to grab this opportunity. We haven’t played our best, but we still have a chance to make it to the play-offs.
Brendon McCullum: We are going to bat first. We will have to bat well and defend it later on. We have done some really good stuff towards the back end of the tournament. Another test today and an opportunity for the guys to finish on a high.

Lahore Qalandars won the toss and elected to bat first

If Peshawar Zalmi have to secure any chance of defending their title, they need to beat Lahore Qalandars, otherwise, their journey in their’s PSL will be ended.

On the other hand, Lahore Qalandars will be looking to spoil Darren Sammy & Co’s party and will be looking to end the campaign on a high.