I prayed for Pakistan’s success in the IBSF U-18 Championship final: Naseem Akhtar

Naseem Akhtar

IBSF U-18 Champion, Naseem Akhtar recalled the tensed moments of final of the tournament when he was 3-1 down in the game and was lacking confidence.

After losing a couple of frames in the final against China’s Peifan Lie, he took a little break, the president of Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Association (PBSA) Munawar Shaikh, told him that it is all about Pakistan and he has to play it for the country.

“When I lost (a couple of frames in the final) then I took a little break and thought that it is not a national tournament, moreover Mr. Sheikh said to me, ‘You are playing for Pakistan, this medal will be for Pakistan,” the young cueist said while talking to ARY.

Naseem started to think about Pakistan’s glory rather than thinking about his own achievement.

“I started praying to God that I am playing for Pakistan, please bless Pakistan with success,” he added.

He resumed the game and claimed a couple of frames immediately, which put his Chinese opponent under immense pressure.

“After winning those frames, the pressure was transferred to my opponent, I saw his hands shaking, it boosted my confidence and eventually I stood as the champion,” he told with a glittering smile.

Munawar Shaikh told that he just wanted Naseem Akhtar to give his best, winning and losing is a part of the game.

“I asked him to just give his best, don’t be afraid of losing as it is a part of the game, if you fight and then lose, there are no regrets,” he said.

“He put in his best effort and at the end, he won the game,” he added.