Shadab is an excellent leg-spinner: Yasir Shah

Shadab is an excellent leg-spinner: Yasir Shah

Pakistan’s ace leg-spinner, Yasir Shah is proud of the rookie leggie, Shadab Khan that Pakistan has such a talent in the team and he believes that he will only get better in future.

“It’s a matter of great pride for me that there is another leg-spinner in our team who is performing so well. Shadab is an excellent leg-spinner and possesses a lot of variety in his bowling,’ Shah told PakPassion.

Yasir Shah also advised his young colleague to play as much long format of the cricket as possible as it will give him a better idea of how to bowl in Test cricket and will improve him as a bowler.

“I feel that he will continue to improve further as he plays more matches for Pakistan. What I would recommend he does is to play 4-day games when he goes back to Pakistan so that he can add that experience to his armoury as well,” he further told.

“This experience will really help him in playing Test cricket as in the longer form of cricket, you really need a lot of patience to succeed. When Shadab puts in long spells, that will give him a good idea of how to bowl in Tests whenever he plays in that format for Pakistan in the future,” he went on to say.

Developing googly

Yasir Shah revealed that he is working hard on developing his googly as he believes that it is an aspect of his game that needs improvement.

“At the moment, my emphasis is on making sure that my action is correct but I am also working on improving my googly,” he shared.

“In the coming days, hopefully, people will see the results of my hard work as I am practicing hard to improve this aspect of my bowling. It’s an area of my bowling that I feel I need to improve and I feel that my googly is improving and will continue to get better,” he added.