Shahryar Khan denies his own statement

Shahryar Khan denies his own statement

Former PCB Chairman Shahryar Khan has taken back his statement regarding weakness of Pakistan Cricket Board’s case against the Board of Cricket Control India for not holding bilateral series despite a signed MoU.

Earlier, Khan was heard saying in a video footage of an interview to a private channel that the two boards should sit and talk to resume the cricketing ties between the two countries.

“It is good that both the countries come on table talk and to increase individual relationships. When I was PCB chairman I enjoyed good relationships with Dalmiya and Shashank Manohar. Good relationships between the officials always play a positive role in bringing each other closer.

“Yes for some aspects, the case (PCB) is weak. Because there is written (in the MoU) that the series will be held with the approval of both the governments (India and Pakistan), and they (BCCI) can cite that and say we can’t come as our government is not giving us the NoC.”

“Yes, now we have filed a case and they (BCCI) are angry why we have filed it. they say that ‘we want to sit down with the PCB for a solution.’ If you (BCCI) want to sit down then come for discussion,” he said.

However, the former chief has denied his own words through a signed statement issued to the media.

“I strongly deny a statement attributed to me in the media in which I am supposed to have said that the PCB’s case against the BCCI is weak,” the statement said.

“How could I say such a thing when, in fact, as Chairman and with the approval of the PCB’s Board of Governors, I authorized preparation of a case on the advice of PCB’s lawyers and a prominent QC in the UK who agreed that PCB had a strong case against India,” he added.

“During my tenure as chairman PCB, I had tried several times to discuss and negotiate with the BCCI for resuming the bilateral cricket series between the two countries but those attempts remained unsuccessful. This then left PCB with no option but to refer this matter to the disputes committee of ICC.

The media must not distort my remarks and hurt the position of the PCB,” said Shahryar.