Waqar Younis apologizes to the nation


Pakistan’s head coach Waqar Younis has apologized to the nation over his team’s dismal show at this year’s World T20 in India and the preceding Asia Cup campaign in Bangladesh.

“I place my hands together and beg forgiveness from the nation.”


While talking to media in Lahore Waqar Younis said that he is extremely disappointed about Pakistan cricket team’s performance and if things can change by sacking people he is more than willing to leave. He added that removing people of the top brass will not change things drastically and short term changes will not benefit Pakistan cricket at all.

“If my leaving makes things better, then I would do it without delay,” he said.

Waqar Younis also stressed on the lack of international cricket in Pakistan because it was clearly affecting the performance of Pakistan cricket team.

“When there is no cricket at home then the foundation will for sure become weak,” he said.

Waqar Younis said that he has submitted his report to the fact finding committee but he won’t reveal his findings because he wants to solve this problem in house.

The political interference in Pakistan cricket has played a major role in it’s decadence and the coach hoped that in the future this will not be the case and the mechanism prevailing in Pakistan cricket will take a positive turn. He also added that better domestic structure will help in achieving significantly better results at the international level.

Regarding the grouping of team Waqar Younis said that there is no such thing because grouping takes place when the team is performing well and this is not the case with Pakistan cricket team right now.

Waqar also said the current situation is an eye opener and we need to buckle up to perform better in the future. He added that the nation needs to differentiate between heroes and stars if we are to succeed.